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Eng-Beng Lim is the Founding Director of The Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration, and Sexuality (RMS), and Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Dartmouth College. Author of the award-winning Brown Boys and Rice Queens: Spellbinding Performance in the Asias (2004), he is a scholar of performance and cultural studies, queer and Asia/America studies, and race and sexuality studies.


Currently at work on two projects, one is titled Ethnocuties: Notes on Queer Friendship, and the other is Megastructures of Feeling: Singapore, Race, and Impossible Form in Asia/America


He has also written broadly on toxic masculinity, the gun phallocracy, the global university, and parasitic sex on Bully Bloggers, LARB and Social Text where he is part of the editorial collective. 

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