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José Carlos Calich is a training analyst and supervisor of the Porto Alegre Psychoanalytical Society (SPPA), Professor of its Institute and present President of the Society (2020-2021). He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Postdoc on psychoanalysis and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Laplanche Foundation (Institut de France).


He is a present member of the Editorial Board of the Psychoanalytic Quarterly and an International Consultant of the Journal Research on Psychoanalysis of the Sorbonne University (Paris-VII). He is a former Adjunct Editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and former Editor of the Psychoanalytical Journal of the SPPA.


He has published several papers and book chapters and was Editor of the book The Unconscious: Further Reflections.

Carlos is in private practice of psychoanalysis in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

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